Ensuring Opportunity Campaign Endorses SB 54 and Local Sanctuary Policies

Ensuring Opportunity Campaign has heard from many partners that the national immigration policy changes are causing many Contra Costa residents to withdraw from the community and to live in fear. These federal actions threaten the safety of local children and parents, and harm the well-being of our community as a whole. In response to these federal actions, state and local leaders are mobilizing to support local sanctuary policies and SB 54, the California Values Act, to ensure our state and cities continue to be a place that welcomes immigrants and looks after the wellbeing of all residents, regardless of immigration status.

This week the Ensuring Opportunity staff brought to the Campaign Leadership Team a request to endorse SB 54 and local sanctuary policies. The Leadership Team agreed to endorse these polices in order to ensure all immigrant residents can feel safe, be less likely to withdraw from the safety net services that they are eligible for, and pursue the life they want for themselves and their families in Contra Costa.

Brief Overview

SB 54 California Values Actca_values_act_logo

The goal of SB 54 is to protect the safety and well-being of all Californians by prohibiting the use of state and local resources for mass deportations, to separate families, or divide Californians based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, immigration status, or national or ethnic origins.  Specifically, SB 54 will:

  • Prohibit state and local law enforcement and school police and security from assisting in immigration enforcement. This includes investigating, detaining, reporting, or arresting residents for immigration enforcement purposes. Local law enforcement will only be permitted to detain or transfer a resident for deportation when there is a judicial warrant.
  • Prohibit using state and local resources to create a national registry based on religion or other protected characteristic.
  • Direct state agencies to review confidentiality policies to ensure that eligible individuals can seek services from state agencies without regard to their immigration status.
  • Require schools, hospitals, and courthouses to establish policies that limit immigration enforcement on their premises as is consistent with federal law.

For more details see: SB 54 Fact Sheet

Local Sanctuary Policies

The goal of sanctuary or welcoming policies is to establish safe havens for all immigrant residents. Sanctuary status has no clear legal definition, but the majority of sanctuary polices state that the jurisdiction will not cooperate in federal or immigration enforcement efforts.

For more information see Additional Resources on our website.

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