Call to Action: Support SB 2 and AB 71

Thank you to all of you who attended Ensuring Opportunity’s Contra Costa Housing Forum earlier this week. As you heard, Tuesday’s convening was just the start of a much broader affordable housing strategy for Contra Costa.

Whether or not you were able to join us at the convening, we will soon send you a summary of the day’s conversations and ideas, and share our ideas on how you can get involved, contribute your wisdom, and keep the momentum going.

Meanwhile, we have an immediate, concrete action item we urge you to act on right now. Two important housing bills have reached a critical juncture in the state legislature, and community support is essential to keep these two bills moving through to adoption.


Please call your state legislators today to ask them to support funding for affordable housing by voting YES on SB 2 and AB 71.

SB 2: Building Homes and Jobs Act
This bill creates a permanent source of funding for affordable housing development by imposing a $75 fee on real estate transaction documents, excluding residential and commercial property sales. To learn more about this bill, read Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California’s (NPH) Fact Sheet. Click here to send your message of support.
AB 71: Bring California Home Act
This bill provides funding for affordable housing by eliminating the state mortgage interest deduction on vacation homes. By removing this subsidy, the state can save $300 million each year to expand rental opportunities for our seniors and people with disabilities, our veterans, and our lowest-wage earning Californians and their families. To learn more about this bill, read NPH’s Fact Sheet. Send an organizational support letter: click here to download (after clicking look in your downloads folder for the AB 71 support letter).

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