Join us on September 23 in Antioch

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Housing Town Hall – Join us!
September 23 at 10 AM at Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch (3415 Oakley Road)


number-6-icon-8Did you know that Contra Costa is among the top ten most expensive counties in the country?

Contra Costa ranks sixth in the national rank of most expensive jurisdictions. Renters need to earn more than $86,923 to pay for a typical 2-bedroom in our county.

Source: On Track Together by Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California

Join us on September 23 in Antioch to learn more about what we can do, together, to create a community that everyone can call home.

Our goal is to share information about the scope of the housing crisis countywide and in your community. We want to learn from you and other residents how you are affected by the housing crisis and hear your ideas on which solutions will most help our local community.

Please join us and add your voice to the conversation!

Please invite your colleagues, friends and neighbors as well.



Everyone who lives, works or has an interest in a particular region of the county is warmly welcome to attend the Town Hall. Additional Town Halls are being held throughout the county. All Town Hall events are on Saturday mornings from 10:00 -noon. We’ll share additional information on event locations once confirmed.

Additional Housing Town Hall dates

September 30 in Richmond (co-hosted by Supervisor John Gioia, District 1), at Church of Christ (1501 Florida Ave., Richmond).

October 14 in Alamo (co-hosted by Supervisor Candace Andersen, District 2), at the San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church (902 Danville Blvd, Alamo).

October 21, in Martinez (Co-hosted by Supervisor Federal Glover, District 5).

October 28 in Concord (co-hosted by Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, District 4).

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