AB 1506: Costa-Hawkins Repeal Bill

Tomorrow morning (Thursday), the state bill to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act will be heard in the Assembly’s Housing and Community Development Committee. Ensuring Opportunity Campaign strongly supports the repeal of Costa-Hawkins because the current law overly limits cities’ local control over rent control policies. In the current housing market in Contra Costa, the Bay Area and beyond, low-income, vulnerable, and marginalized community members are most likely to be displaced from their homes and communities due to unreasonable rent increases. It is important for cities to have the ability to implement stronger rent control policies to protect their residents, many of them long-time community members, who are struggling to make ends meet in the expensive Bay Area.

Ensuring Opportunity will continue to track this bill and will alert you when your support for the bill is need. One thing you can do today is sign a form letter in support of the repeal of Costa-Hawkins.

Need a quick primer on Costa-Hawkins? Here’s a handy infographic created by the Housing Now coalition.

Costa Hawkins Image

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