Economic Security

Ensuring every resident has enough resources to build a future for their family

Every county resident must be able to count on a level of financial stability that can sustain themselves and their family, including basic needs such as food, housing, transportation and health care. Raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing living wages in public jobs are important policy approaches. In addition, acquisition of assets (such as savings accounts, education and home ownership) allows for financial stability that transcends the amount of one’s paycheck. Offering financial education and protecting people from predatory financial practices are other proven strategies to improve the economic security of community members.

Our policy priorities include:

  • Fair Wages
  • Strengthen and increase safety net services
  • Revenue reform
  • Living wage jobs
  • Worker and community protections and benefits
  • Asset building policies and programs
  • Consumer protection policies
  • Address discriminatory hiring practices


Economic Security


In 2015, Ensuring Opportunity led a Minimum Wage Campaign advocating for a countywide and then a statewide minimum wage increase to $15/hour to ensure all residents are fairly paid and can support their families.

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