Health Security

Ensuring all residents have access to health care

Access to health care that is high quality and affordable can mean the difference between extreme financial debt and poverty versus physical and mental well-being. Development of policies and practices to improve existing health programs and systems that are available to all is a critical component of poverty reduction.

Our policy priorities include:

  • Health care access and affordability
  • Paid leave and paid sick day policies
  • Integration of mental health objectives into policy decisions
  • Environmental justice
  • Physical activity and nutrition

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 Current Activities:

EO is working on the #OneContraCosta campaign, an effort by community organizations, healthcare providers, and residents, to expand health coverage for those who remain uninsured, regardless of immigration status. The goal is to get the 10,000 remaining uninsured covered by a united Contra Costa County.

EO is also supporting Healthy Richmond, a 10-year partnership to create meaningful and lasting improvements in the health of children and youth in Richmond. EO Director serves on the Steering Committee and on the Access to Quality Care Action Team.

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