Ensuring all residents have a home

The Bay Area is facing a serious housing shortage and gentrification exacerbates existing inequalities. Residential instability is related to lower academic achievement, poor health outcomes and chronic stress. We support policies that prioritize development without displacement by addressing local housing shortages and ensuring housing stability for both renters and homeowners. We support “Housing First” policies that strive to end homelessness by providing access to housing and needed social supports.

Our priorities include:

  • Preserve and expand affordable housing
  • Reducing homelessness
  • Promote responsible community development
  • Strengthen tenant protections
  • Support pathways to homeownership
  • Support innovative living arrangements

To learn more about our housing focus read out Housing Policy Brief. Click HERE to download the paper.

iconic-houses-1000Current Activities:

We are supporting the countywide Zero:2016 campaign which aims to house all homeless veterans by December 2015, all chronically homeless by December 2016 and all homeless families by December 2017.

We are exploring other strategies (e.g., shared housing, tiny homes, master leasing, housing trust fund) to increase the supply of housing that is truly affordable.

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