Minimum Wage Campaign


In 2015, the Ensuring Opportunity Campaign advocated for a statewide minimum wage increase to help ensure workers are paid fairly so they can make ends meet.

El Cerrito became the first Contra Costa City to set a $15 minimum wage.

In early 2016, the East Bay Raise the Wage Coalition (renamed from the Contra Costa Minimum Wage Coalition) voted to endorse two SEIU-sponsored statewide initiatives:

The SEIU-UHW (United Health Workers West) initiative would increase the minimum wage to $15 statewide by 2021; already qualified for the November state ballot.

The SEIU State Council initiative would increase the minimum wage to $15 by 2020 for large businesses (26+ employees) and to $15 by 2021 for smaller businesses (25 or fewer employees). After receiving Title and Summary from the Office of the Attorney General, a focused effort was launched to collect up to 8,000 signatures from Contra Costa residents

In April 2016, the Governor, state legislature and SEIU negotiated a minimum wage increase to $15/hour that would be accomplished through the legislature rather than the pending SEIU state ballot initiatives. The state legislature approved the bill, and the Governor signed it into law on April 4, 2016.

Campaign Resources

Check out the Ensuring Opportunity – Minimum Wage Fact Sheet for more information.

El Cerrito became the first Contra Costa City to set a $15 minimum wage. Click here to learn more  : El Cerrito minimum wage vote – Nov 2015

See our Campaign Director’s letter to the editor of the Contra Costa Times about raising the minimum wage.

The UC Berkeley Labor Center conducted a study examining the impact of the proposed minimum wage increase on workers and businesses in Contra Costa County. Check out the UC Berkely Labor Center Impact Study and Executive Summary.

Check out Ensuring Opportunity’s Model Minimum Wage Ordinance.

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